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Curl TeaPots

Curl TeaPots

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Back in Stock August 2024.
Curl: Where nostalgia meets innovation, and every pour tells a story.

Journey back to Mr. Hsu's childhood, where a large, round aluminum teapot graced his grandma's house. Every brew, regardless of the tea, held a hint of sweetness. Along bustling roads, tea-serving stalls offered weary travelers a moment's respite, generously providing water or tea from similar metal teapots. It wasn't just hydration; it was an elixir that fueled the journey forward.

These cherished memories inspire Curl, a teapot designed to bring the simple joys of yesteryears into the present. Its generous strainer lets tea leaves unfurl, infusing the water with flavor, sans the pesky floaters. Crafted with precision etching, the strainer maintains its form, resisting clogs. Cleaning is a breeze, ensuring every cup is as pure and vibrant as the memories it embodies.

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