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Bai Hao TeaPots

Bai Hao TeaPots

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Timeless Craftsmanship: The Bai Hao Teapot

Carsten Jorgensen's vision for the Bai Hao teapot marries form and function seamlessly, like a symphony of geometric elements. The handle and oval pot body meld with precision, ensuring a secure grip and flawless pour from any angle.

The innovative hollow glass tube handle, after a thorough three-month testing phase, offers a pleasantly warm touch without ever getting too hot. This ingenious design not only prioritizes safety but also underscores Carsten's commitment to the natural and sustainable qualities of glass and porcelain.

A soft silicone ring discreetly tucked under the lid is a touch of functional brilliance. It ensures a snug fit with the filter, allowing for effortless removal and placement. With this feature, worries of a lid slipping during a graceful tea pour are completely eliminated.

In Bai Hao, Carsten Jorgensen crafts a tale of functional elegance, where every detail serves a purpose, and every element dances in harmony. This teapot goes beyond mere form; it embodies a meticulous artistry that resonates with every pour.

#2367-01 1.0L Clear handle
#2367-02 1.0L Amber handle
#2367-03 1.0L Green handle

#2366-01 0.5L Clear handle
#2366-02 0.5L Amber handle
#2367-03 0.5L Green handle


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