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Arrosorir TeaPots

Arrosorir TeaPots

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Sebastian Conran's Arrosoir Collection draws inspiration from traditional Chinese watering vessels, offering a comprehensive tea-drinking experience. Crafted from premium materials - pristine white porcelain, robust stainless steel (SS 304) mesh filters, and handles fashioned from gracefully bent willow wood - this collection harmoniously blends form and function.

One distinctive feature of this collection lies in its stackable design, present on both the cup and saucer set as well as the mug. This functional aspect enhances the collection's versatility and space-saving qualities.

Arrosoir effortlessly blends timeless style with everyday practicality, reimagining the watering can for a tea lover's delight. It's a testament to our dedication to refining tea enjoyment, bringing tradition and innovation together in every sip.

This collection transforms tea-making into an elegant and functional experience. It honors Chinese craftsmanship while offering a timeless set of tea essentials, perfect for tea enthusiasts worldwide.

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