At the heart of a passion!

Later travelling between China and Europe my curiosity for tea was following me and I became more and more passionate about tea and the infinite varieties of delicious taste this small tree could bring alive. Through the years a deep passion for Chinese and British tea culture and an equal passion for contemporary lifestyle developed into a dream of opening a contemporary teahouse with the memory of my childhood’s frugality as the founding philosophy of my undertaking.

With the help of trusted staff members and my family, I opened the first smith&hsu teahouse in No.33, Zhong Xiao East Road in Taipei May 2007 designed by Carsten Jørgensen, a good old friend and a well-known international designer.

My dream of creating a contemporary tea brand was to assemble the best tea of the harvests from around the world with a contemporary accent, far removed from any sense of the nostalgic past then supported by the respect, enthusiasm and knowledge of treating our customers in a cultivated manner.

Tea Houses #009

Hengyang, Taipei City,

Tea Houses #001
Zhongxiao E. Rd. Taipei City

Tea Houses #005
Nan Jing East Road Taipei City,