2368 Bai Hao Double Wall Glasses

Available in 210ml & 320ml
Color option : Clear / Amber / Green
Material : Borosilicate Glass / heat-resistant

2368-01 Clear / 2368-02 Amber / 2368-03 Green
2369-01 Clear / 2369-02 Amber / 2369-03 Green

30 years of hot and cold….

In the early 1990’s i got as a designer a request from a famous American design store to design a tumbler for cold drinks which could be used for outdoor entertainment.
What might at that time have been a comprehensible request to such an option was the use  of plastic… for God’s sake not glass! But what wasn’t requested at the time was my idea to make the tumbler double walled and air insulated to keep whatever beverage cool to the likes of the Americans. It became an idea which travelled wide and happened to inspire other designs in many different material from plastic and porcelain to glass.

After 30 years it was time to set out for better design and functional solutions.. our goal was a better and more sensible taste which zipping tea!

Carsten Jorgensen