0.75L Arrosoir tea pot with Aluminium handle.

1.2L Arrosoir tea pot with Aluminium handle.

Also available with Wooden Handle
0.5L Arrosoir tea pot with Wooden handle.


Design by Sebastian Conran

Designing things that are ingenious in the way that they function and enhance the experience of using them, but also exhibit a timeless elegance in their aesthetic that will not date and will work well in most people homes.

By watering can which can be heol b top and the side. For comfort, we like to have our hand above the mass when carrying teapots. For pouring tea while sitting, we like to have a handle at the side. Ideally we want the handle to be both on top and at the side like a watering can so this is the way we have designed it. The ergonomic handle folds down so it takes less space in the cupboard.