about smith&hsu

about smith&hsu

Step into the world of smith&hsu,
where the art of tea unfolds as a timeless celebration of culture, craftsmanship, and sustainability.

Embark on a journey that began with the dream of our founder, James Hsu, whose humble roots in a coal miner's family in Keelung, Taiwan,

inspired a vision of blending Chinese and British tea culture into a contemporary teahouse experience.

At the heart of a passion!

Discover the heart of smith&hsu, a brand deeply rooted in the coal miner's family of Keelung, Taiwan.

For me, tea transcended being a mere beverage; it became my sanctuary, a solace, and a joy amidst life's challenges.

Growing up in the coal-mining community, I learned to treasure simple pleasures, like preparing daily lunches and tea for my father, which revealed the transformative power of tea – a luxurious escape that brought smiles to my dad’s colleagues in the mines.

Local tea, more than a daily ritual, was a royal element, weaving its way into our drinks and food. Fueled by this ritual and my journeys through China and Europe, a dream emerged – to open a modern tea sanctuary.

In May 2007, with a dedicated team and the design expertise of Carsten Jørgensen, the first smith&hsu tea house opened, marking the beginning of a 16-year journey in tea, innovation, sustainability, and a celebration of life's simple, exquisite moments.

smith&hsu, for me, is not just a brand; 
it is an embodiment of cherished memories, a bridge between East and West, and a commitment to curate the finest teas worldwide while preserving tradition in a contemporary setting.

Join me on this journey through time and taste, where each sip is a story, and every story, a chapter in the book of smith&hsu.

By James Hsu 2007


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