smith&hsu @ NanJing East Road, Taipei

smith&hsu @ NanJing East Road, Taipei

A Modern Tea Oasis in the Heart of Taipei
Welcome to smith&hsu at NanJing East Road, Taipei – where the art of tea transcends boundaries and time. Established in Taiwan, smith&hsu blends the rich tea cultures of the East and West, offering a meticulously curated selection of premium teas from around the world, innovative tea accessories, and freshly made tea delicacies. Our tea house is more than a place to enjoy tea; it’s a sanctuary for the senses.

A Philosophy Rooted in Tradition and Innovation
At smith&hsu, tea is a lifestyle that encompasses more than just the beverage itself. It’s about the entire experience – from the quality of the tea to the elegance of the utensils, the ambiance of the space, and the cultural richness that it all brings together. Our newest tea house on NanJing East Road embodies this philosophy with a dedication to creating the perfect tea experience.


Design and Atmosphere
Designed by the renowned Swiss-Danish designer Carsten Jörgensen, our two-story tea house can accommodate 58 guests in a serene, minimalist setting. The primary design elements – earth and wood – bring a sense of warmth and authenticity. The cement walls and floors, with their subtle gradients of gray, blue, yellow, and brown, add a natural richness to the space. The wooden tables, bar, and cabinets, characterized by simple block shapes, highlight the element of wood, bringing a vibrant warmth to the entire environment.

A Blend of Classic and Contemporary
The choice of chairs reflects our commitment to blending tradition with modernity. On the first floor, you’ll find the iconic Y Chair by Danish designer Hans J. Wegner, a perfect fusion of Chinese and Nordic design elements. Upstairs, the Eames Plastic Side Chair by Charles and Ray Eames offers a touch of contemporary elegance and comfort, allowing you to fully relax and enjoy your tea.

An Open Library for Tea Lovers
One of the standout features of our NanJing East Road location is the open library on the second floor. Surrounded by bookshelves crafted from wooden blocks, this space serves as an open library for all our customers. The books, generously donated by our patrons and friends, are available for everyone to browse, adding to the intellectual and cultural experience of your visit.
A Harmonious Space for the Mind and Body
In this unique setting, tea and books, wood and earth, sensory delight and mental comfort come together harmoniously. Carsten Jörgensen’s design aims to create a modern, yet warm and inviting atmosphere that complements the high-quality tea experience. smith&hsu is more than just a tea house – it’s a serene retreat where you can unwind and rejuvenate after a long day.

Join Us at smith&hsu
Come and explore the understated elegance and cultural richness of smith&hsu at NanJing East Road. Experience the seamless blend of tradition and innovation, and let us take you on a journey through the world of fine tea.
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