At smith&hsu, our journey is rooted in the profound simplicity of life's pleasures. Born into a coal miner's family in Keelung, Taiwan, founder James Hsu learned early on the transformative power of tea. Delivering lunch and tea to his father in the mines, James witnessed how this simple luxury brought smiles to hardened faces, dispelling the darkness of daily toil.

Guided by this childhood memory, James embarked on a mission to redefine tea culture, blending the rich traditions of Chinese and British tea with contemporary lifestyle. In 2007, the first smith&hsu teahouse opened its doors in Taipei, setting the stage for a brand built on passion, respect, and innovation.


Our vision is simple yet profound: to curate the finest teas from around the world, infusing them with a contemporary flair that transcends nostalgia. Each tea selection reflects the soul of smith&hsu—a harmonious blend of tradition and innovation, rooted in a commitment to quality and natural essence.

Beyond tea, our brand embodies a deeper philosophy—a belief in returning to high-quality, natural essentials amidst a world of fast food and mass production. With a focus on sustainability and health, we strive to offer our customers the simple luxury of sublime taste and quality, accompanied by contemporary comfort and unique design.

Immerse yourself in the timeless allure of tea-making and discover the art of living well, one cup at a time.

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